Safety & Security

Window film is commonly known for reducing heat and glare as well as lower cooling costs, but there are other benefits. Security films can offer protection against the risk of injury and property damage in the event of accidents, severe weather and crime. 

How it works. Security film is engineered with a powerful adhesive that reduces the hazard of broken glass and keeps the pieces together attached to the film. 

Delayed entry. Glass windows and doors are the easiest way for criminals to break into your home or business. The intruders count on the quickness of a smash and grab. By choosing the right type of film the glass is not easily penetrated, even when struck by a heavy object delaying and deterring their entry. 

Natural Disasters. We never think it will happen to us but when a powerful storm moves through a neighborhood or city, strong wind gusts can wreak havoc. Add strength to your glass, holding it together to minimize damage and prevent injury. 

Impact Protection Attachment (IPA). This step is key to doing security film right. When installed with IPA the film is securely attached to the window frame giving it the anchor it needs for strength. 

Elementry School Security Film
School front security film
Perfect IPA (Impact Protection Attachement)

Impact Protection Attachment